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Reliable solutions
reached through dialogue with customers

Abena is a dynamic group with its head office in Denmark, not far from the German border. Abena has both trading and production divisions, and is active worldwide. Our product areas mainly comprise healthcare products, disposables, paper products, plastic bags and waste systems.

Innovation and development
Abena expand our horizons to new products and markets through ongoing product development. The focal point of such development is defined by the customer’s needs and requirements compared to resource-consumption and environmental impact. This ensures that we develop solutions which are based on our user's needs, and we involve them in the development of new, innovative products.

The best customer service in the world
It is Abena's aim to offer the best customer service possible. We will achieve this objective through a combination of processes which include: training of staff, comprehensive documentation, optimization of logistics, fast response to customers and optimum accuracy from our delivery service.
Abena customer service begins with close dialogue with our distributors and customers. The information gained from this dialogue is invaluable to us and informs much of the basis of our development of new products and services.

Documentation, environment and resources
We take our responsibility for environmental and community affairs in our company throughout the entire supply chain from the producer to the end user. Abena strives to carry on our business as a responsible member of the global community. We develop our products, packaging and supply chain in a progressive way which is designed to reduce both our impact on the environment, and also our consumption of resources. With these aims in mind, we invest a lot of effort into ensuring that more and more of our product assortment is certified to the relevant internationally acknowledged standards.


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